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Endometriosis Cure - Progesterone Cream and Avoiding Xenoestrogens and Phytoestrogens

Title: Endometriosis - cured by Progesterone Cream and avoiding Xenoestrogens and Phytoestrogens

Description: Chemical Estrogens ( Xenoestrogens ) and Plant Estrogens ( Phytoestrogens ) cause Endometriosis as well as a Magnesium and Vitamin B deficiencies. Magnesium deficiencies can cause muscle tensing and exacerbate menstrual cramps. Avoid xenoestrogens and avoid phytoestrogens. Take a chelated Magnesium. Take a broad spectrum Vitamin B in the morning. Vitamin B taken before bed time will result in vivid dreams. Natural Progesterone opposes the effects of these estrogens. Progestelle from Women's Therapeutic Institute contains Natural Progesterone with no harmful chemical additives, preservatives, or herbs. Progestelle was formulated and designed by a Medical Doctor with the expressed purpose of helping women's problems. Progesterone Cream has been shown to be effective in helping fight endometriosis anecdotally. Learn more about endometriosis at


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